US Disney Avengers Super Heroes Run/Timothy

As new as Star Wars race it also started in 2014 in Anaheim Disneyland in mid-Nov. In 2015 10K and Infinity Gauntlet Challenge(10K+Half marathon) were added. So 5K on Fri, 10K on Sat, half marathon on Sun, like all other races. The course is also flat with any familiar Avengers along the path for u to take photos with.

Medal design varies every yr and I’m lucky to get the 1st Captain America’s 10K(his shield) medal and Infinity Gauntlet Challenge medal—the big boss Thanos’s golden glove with 6 infinity gems embedded,each of different colour and power. On the back of the medal is 1 of the big gem. 2015 is purple gem representing Space.

So to collect all 6 “gems” you need to fly far to Anaheim and run 10K+half marathon for 6 consecutive years! I don’t intend to do this!


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