US Disney Star War Run/Timothy

As everyone knows, there’re 2 Disney in US: 1 in Anaheim, California(west)(the 1st Disneyland), 1 in Orlando, Florida(east). Each yr each side will hold 4 running race series of different themes, so called half marathon weekend, with kid race(Fri+Sat), 5K(Fri), 10K(Sat), half marathon(Sun). Full marathon is limited in Orlando in Jan only.

The 1st Star Wars race was held in 2015 in mid Jan in Anaheim Disneyland. Needless to say during the race you can see all kinds of Star Wars characters holding lightsabres and articles. However due to safety reasons no guns and masks are allowed. All races will grant you a medal of different design(even the kid race). The 5K medal is used to be rubber but from now on all medals are made of metal, and are very big. Even the ribbons have beautiful pattern too! Each yr the design will change so attracting many US people to run every yr.

For 2017, the registration fees for these races are:
Kid race: US$20
5K: US$80
10K: US$120
Half M: US$185

To grab you more money, all Disney races have a special category called Challenge. If you run 10K and half marathon together, you receive 1 more challenge medal and 1 more tee! For Star Wars, the Rebel challenge fees is US$330, more than applying both separately. Remind you that you must apply this category to get the extra medal.

In 2016, the 1st Star Wars Dark Side race is held in late Apr in Orlando Walt Disney World. All schedules are almost identical to the Star Wars Light Side race. The fees are the same.

If you think the challenge is a way of grabbing your money, here’s another trick you must know: If you run both Star Wars half marathon in the same yr, you get a really special(but free) medal, called the Kessel run challenge medal! This yr, the 1st medal design is the Millennium Falcon!

About the race, since it’s for all ages, the course is completely flat. All kinds of official and unofficial(the spectators) Star Wars characters are there for photo-taking. Kid race and 5K have no time limit,10K 1 hr 40 min, half marathon 3.5 hr, full marathon 7hr.

But it’s counted after the last runner has crossed the starting line so time is very adequate! 3 “balloon ladies” will have balloons tied on their body running at the last. Everyone far behind them when passing a distant sign will be stopped. I’ve seen runners lining up to take photos with characters and got ejected, so u can walk but don’t walk too slow!

Finally, in the expo, besides usual products, there’re 2 companies selling beautiful medal hangers or frames(with extra medals)! Your name, bib no, time are printed on the background. For the Star Wars frame I bought, it costs about $3300……Very expensive but……I’m a Star Wars fan and I know this is not available anywhere in the world! As a prize for my effort……^^$^^

The official page of Disney race is In the next passage I’m going to talk about the Avengers race and the Disney marathon race.


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